Investment Castings

Barron Industries - a leader in precision investment castings!

Since 1983, Barron Industries has been committed to providing the highest quality cast and machined precision castings and meeting our customers’ demanding requirements for rapid delivery.

One of the first investment casting manufacturers to receive AS 9100 Quality Certification, we are also NADCAP Certified for our Non-destructive testing processes -- one of our many in-house, value-added services including CAD engineering, machining and assembly. We specialize in converting expensive multi-piece fabrications into less costly one -piece castings that have won industry awards.

The end result is high quality performance-critical castings and components for our customers in aerospace, defense, oil and gas, automotive, medical, and other industries with demanding, high quality standards.

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Barron's Investment Casting Process


One-Stop-Shop Solutions

Barron Industries provides concept-to-completion development and production of standard to complex investment casting projects from a few ounces to 250 pounds. Take advantage of our full range of value-added services including:

The Barron Industries investment casting process provides distinctive advantages over sand and other casting methods. Our process turns out precision castings with greater dimensional accuracy, higher consistency, superior product integrity and improved surface finish. It is often the only way a part can be manufactured economically.

Wax Patterns

We are pioneers in lost wax precision investment casting -- a process that begins with the injection of wax into an aluminum mold to produce a replica of the metal part desired.

Robot dripping
Robot dipping

The wax model is then dipped repeatedly into a ceramic slurry until a strong shell coats the model. After melting out the wax, the metal of choice is poured into the mold, creating a perfect duplicate of the original wax pattern.

Hand-pouring metal into mold.

It is completed when the metal part is heat treated, straightened if necessary, and finished to exacting specifications. Watch video.

Complex Shapes

Complex Shapes? No Problem! At Barron, we routinely produce cast alloy components with complex shapes requiring only minimal surface finishing or machining for completion. As for size, we make precision investment castings up to a 24" x 24" x 24" (61 cm x 61 cm x 61 cm) envelope size.