Advanced Technology


Always On The Cutting-Edge

We’re very demanding in our testing and inspection of parts. We perform x-ray and dye penetrant testing, routinely applying higher-than-required industry testing standards. Yes, there are industry standards, but we want even higher quality. We adhere to Barron standards.
Mark Terrian, NDT x-ray and dye-penetrant inspector, Barron Industries

Using advanced tools and technology, Barron’s skilled technicians make certain that our investment cast parts address our customers’ demands as well as all applicable industry standards.



SOLIDCast® solidification modeling software adds operational intelligence throughout the manufacturing process. Continuous evaluation of tree and gating design, pouring and mold temperature, and part position ensure a high quality casting is produced the first time and every time — eliminating shrinkage or porosity in the casting.


Robotic technology ensures consistency in shell dipping, coating, and formation as well as enhanced efficiency in drying of ceramic shells. This means more consistent high quality castings being delivered to our customers.


Non-destructive Testing (NDT) including magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant inspection, and digital X-ray is conducted in-house for tight control and quick identification of potential issues. Download our Non-destructive testing brochure.


Furnace capacity includes three steel and two aluminum melting units, two ovens for wax burnout (lost wax process) from the ceramic mold and four ovens for preheating ceramic shells. Redundant equipment ensures your castings will continue being processed, even if a piece of equipment breaks down.




Continual Improvement
Barron regularly integrates new and advanced metal casting equipment into our facility to enhance our capabilities. We incorporate continuous improvement, quality procedures, and comprehensive training into all our manufacturing processes. Extensive implementation of Plex Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) software is a critical component to ensuring process changes are implemented immediately on the factory floor. Plus, by handling the entire precision investment casting process at one location, we provide customers with cost savings, faster delivery times, and added value.