Tool Steel Investment Castings

Tool Steel Investment Castings

Tool steels are characterized by high hardness, resistance to abrasion, and good resistance to softening at elevated temperatures.  These alloys are commonly utilized in the tool & die industry.

Material selection is critical in product development. Barron Industries can consult with you to identify the proper casting alloy for your application.  Contact us for assistance.

Tool Steel Guidelines

Alloy Annealed w/Slow Cool Max. Cycle Anneal Max. Hardened
IC A-2 20 Rc 27 Rc 47-60
IC A-6 100 Rb   48-59
IC D-2   35 Rc 50-59
IC H-11 100 Rb   46-55
IC H-13  100 Rb   45-53
IC 1-M-2   30 Rc 61-63
 IC M-2   30 Rc 61-63
 IC 0-1   100 Rb 44-57
 IC S-1   100 Rb 44-57
 IC S-4  100 Rb   42-53
IC S-5  100 Rb   37-59
 IC S-7   !00 Rb 35-57
 Cast Cut 1      

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