Medical Applications

Investment Castings are used in medical related applications where shape complexities will otherwise require extensive and complex machining leading to high costs.  Barron Industries casts stainless steel, aluminum, cobalt, and many other alloys used for custom medical parts requiring tight tolerances and dimensional precision including:

  • Operating tables and other operating room  equipment
  • MRI machines
  • X-ray equipment
  • Stretchers, wheelchairs and similar products
  • Injury stabilizing devices
  • Implantable components

Some alloys Barron uses for medical components are:

347 Stainless 17-4ph Stainless
CA6NM Stainless CD4MCU Stainless
F75 Cobalt A356/A357 Aluminum


Medical Investment Castings

Investment castings for medical equipment applications require the highest degree of quality, cleanliness and surface finish. Barron Industries ensures tight chemistry control by analyzing each heat of metal poured utilizing our in-house spectrographic testing equipment. We provide rapid prototype, low and high-volume production medical components.

Barron is AS 9100 certified, ITAR compliant, and our non-destructive testing processes will be NADCAP certified by December 2016.