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Unique designs, complex materials, precise tolerances and superior surface quality are the trademark characteristics of today’s new generation of components designed and manufactured by Automotive OEM and Tier 1 companies. For over 30 years, Barron Industries has been an important supplier partner to the automotive industry, and we continue to grow and evolve to meet its changing needs. By embracing the fundamental principles of continuous improvement, Barron stands today as a world class supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous machined investment castings and sub-assemblies for engine and powertrain, chassis, suspension and body components.

Dodge Viper Filler Fuel Door

Chrysler engineers select stainless steel investment castings as the best option for the fuel filler door for the Dodge Viper.

Barron Industries began by producing 4 stainless steel investment castings. All 4 castings were passivated to insure the removal of any residual iron on the surface which could lead to the appearance of rusting. Next, the castings were machined and assembled with springs, rubber nibs, screws, plastic and other parts into a complete working fuel filler door assembly. Each assembly was then completely inspected and tested for form, fit, function and appearance before being carefully packaged and shipped to the plant for installation.

Barron produces aluminum investment castings for the Mustang GT 500.

The Tier 1  supplier was originally seeking one supplier to manufacture low volume (3,500 – 10,000) aluminum castings, a second supplier to machine these same castings, and a third company that could assemble all the components into a fully tested and certified complete assembly. Instead, the company found Barron Industries which did everything – all under one roof. The end result was significant savings in cost, reduction in paperwork and improved peace of mind.

Thermostat Housing Assembly for Ford Mustang GT500