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Welded Fabrication - Barron Industries

Barron Industries was one of the first foundries to offer fabrication, incorporating investment castings as part of a complete welded assembly. Fabrication is often an economical way to create a complete assembly. At Barron Industries, fabrication can be offered as a standalone project, but it is typically combined with casting and machining to provide a complete welded, fabricated and tested assembly. We begin by purchasing steel plate, bar stock or tube.  This can be laser, waterjet, plasma or oxy-acetylene cut. Although cutting operations are handled offsite, we have selected suppliers who take the same pride in their work that we do at Barron Industries. Our suppliers are ISO and TS certified and operate with both speed and accuracy.

WelderCloseupBarron Industries is well equipped for a wide range of welding, utilizing either MIG or TIG welding processes, Our welders are certified to armor plate, pressure vessel boiler code (ASME) and American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1 welding codes.

Many of our clients prefer placing a single purchase order with one supplier for all their needs. This allows for single source responsibility and no excuses. Barron can provide our customers with complete fabrications that are ready to bolt on or use as soon as they land on your receiving dock.



Frequently Asked Fabrication Questions

Which is more cost efficient, investment casting or welding? Cost efficiency is evaluated on an individual project basis. It depends largely on the complexity of the part configuration and the estimated annual quantities for the project.

Which is stronger, investment casting or welding? Strength of the finished product depends on the process used to create it, and the strength of both the parent material and weld. Investment casting and welding can be created with equal strength depending upon the selection of weld filler metal.

What grades of steel are welded at Barron Industries? At Barron Industries, our welders are certified for multiple grades of stainless, armor, alloy and carbon steel to AWS D1.1. We have also mastered stainless steel to low alloy steel welding – something our competition would tell you can’t be done.

Can you provide welded fabrication as a part of a larger job? Yes, Barron Industries can provide complete assemblies, beginning with investment castings, then CNC machining, welded fabrication, non-destructive testing, painting and final assembly and testing.

 Is welded fabrication completed in house or at an outside supplier? Barron Industries has welders certified to AWS D1.1 in house. In most cases, welded fabrication is accomplished on site, however, there are some circumstances which necessitate welding by an outside supplier.