Offshore Capabilities

Barron's Offshore Capabilities

The mission of Barron Industries is to provide total customer support and satisfaction from concept to completion. To accomplish this goal, Barron Industries established a strategic partnership with a world class investment casting and machining manufacturer in India, allowing us to service our customers with high volume, low-cost production needs.

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All of our India investment castings are manufactured to the same high standards of quality and precision as our domestic products. Unlike other import arrangements, Barron is able to utilize our manufacturing expertise to develop and hand off the manufacturing process for your program, while managing the quality and delivery out of our own plant here in the United States. Barron’s strategic India partnership remains one of the longest standing in our industry and is a true success story as seen by our many satisfied customers.

Features   Benefits
Prototype and low volume parts produced at Barron Industries in Oxford, MI, USA. Quick turnaround on prototype parts.
Production process developed at Barron Industries in Oxford, MI, USA. Compressed development time and production launch at overseas India plant.
All production shipments F.O.B. Oxford, MI, USA. Barron inspects and packs each part in Oxford, MI, USA and ships JIT daily/weekly to it's customers.
2-4 weeks "Safety Stock" carried in Oxford, MI, USA. Supply and cost of inventory born by Barron Industries.
Fully staffed engineering, Q.A., inspection and warehouse facilities in Oxford, MI, USA. Assures shipment of 100% conforming material and local communication of all engineering and QA issues.
Customs clearance fee, overland freight, duties & other import fees are the responsibility of Barron Industries. No hidden costs to customer. No requirements for logistics personnel to track shipment.
Long-term strategic partnership alliance Always dealing with the same company. Stability and predictability of supply.
All contact, purchase orders and payments are made to Barron Industries in Oxford, MI, USA. No letter of credit requirements. Receive standard credit terms while enjoying globally competitive prices.
All contacts are USA based. No overseas calls, timing issues or expensive trips.