Complete Assembly

In-house Machining and Complete Assemblies

Barron Industries was one of the first precision investment casting companies to offer in-house machining and complete assemblies. Our first CNC machines were purchased in 1994. More than a dozen machines, upgraded software technology and shop services have since been added to accommodate the growing number of finished assembly projects awarded to Barron Industries.


Barron provides cast, machined, heat treated and painted assemblies. This significant investment in new equipment allows us to offer even more value added processes including, pressure testing, laser marking or engraving and CNC cylindrical grinding. After being awarded a new program to manufacture rocker arms and cam followers for a diesel engine, Barron Industries added several new pieces of capital equipment which further expanded its in-house capabilities and allowed for improved control quality.

The most recent  significant capital investment included:

  • Makino A51NX horizontal CNC machining center
  • Lasit laser engraving system
  • Toyoda Cylindrical grinder


Barron Industries specializes in complete assemblies which is the full realization of our concept-to-completion capability. Since 1994, we’ve had the ability to begin with your blueprints, drawings or math data, provide investment castings, machine those castings to exacting tolerances, assemble them with purchased components, paint, plate or e-coat, pressure  leak test and provide our clients with complete assemblies. All processes except coatings are located in-house. This means the added value of one project manager, one purchase order and one-stop shopping for our customers.


Frequently Asked Assemblies Questions

What can Barron Industries assemble for me? Barron Industries offers full assembly services to its clients. We have eliminated the additional expense and lead time associated with subcontractors and now offer in-house assembly and testing.

What assembly operations do you offer? We offer a full range of assembly services, including: tubes, staking, gauging and assembly of purchased parts, pressure testing, inspection, plating, painting, stenciling/marking and special packaging.

What is the certification process for complete assemblies? When the materials and assemblies meet all the physical property and chemical criteria detailed on the client blueprints, the assemblies are approved or certified.