CAD Engineering

CAD Engineering - Barron Industries

Barron Industries offers a full range of in-house casting design, engineering and metallurgical services to support and complement our investment casting capabilities.

Barron Industries uses Solid Cast™ solidification modeling software which ensures our customers high quality, high integrity castings with no shrink or porosity. This is a critical step utilized for every rapid prototype or production casting project we take on. We can run experiments with gate type, gate size, mold and pouring temperature and other variables…fine tuning our process before ever pouring metal into the first mold.


Barron also utilizes Pro-Engineer™ , Unigraphics and Solidworks software to enhance and improve your designs. These design and engineering software tools allow us to quickly diagnose and alert our customers to any concerns before moving to the investment casting process. This early error and mistake proofing ultimately results in significant time and cost savings for our customers.

Engineering projects take on a variety of forms, from verification of computer simulated testing prior to rapid prototyping to metal part design.