Barron Industries extends reach in Europe

Oxford, MI –  Barron Industries is taking part in the Farnborough International Airshow Trade Mission sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Barron, an Oakland [...]

Why Choose Stainless Steel Investment Castings?

Stainless Steel is used for investment castings that require high resistance to corrosion and wear in safety-critical applications for defense, oil and gas, medical and other commercial [...]

Investment Casting offers many Alloy Choices

Investment casting or the lost-wax casting process produces near-net-shape parts, offering designers more flexibility when it comes to alloy selection. Barron Industries pours more than 200 [...]

Investment Castings Reduce Cost and Lead times

The Barron Industries investment casting or lost wax process produces high-strength components with fine detail, thin walls, and greater dimensional accuracy than sand and other casting methods. [...]

Looking for high-strength, thin wall aluminum castings?

Look no further than Barron Industries, an AS9100 Certified and NADCAP Accredited turnkey manufacturer of both ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings.  Using the precision investment or lost [...]

Barron Industries Exhibiting at MDEX

April 24, 2018 Oxford MI – Barron Industries is exhibiting at the 9th Annual Michigan Defense Exposition (MDEX) from 8 AM to 4 PM on April 25 & April 26 at the Macomb Community College (MCC) [...]

Barron Industries Wins Industry Recognition for Aerospace Part

The Investment Casting Institute has recognized Barron Industries for an aerospace component the company converted from a fabrication into an investment casting.

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