Management Team

Our Management Team

Paul Barron - Chairman

Paul Barron - Chairman

Following his studies at The University of Notre Dame in economics, Paul Barron joined his father’s company in 1963. Paul earned his outstanding reputation in the metal products industry by working throughout the business, holding several positions in the metallurgic lab, casting, machining and plant management. He worked with his father and brothers who formed a solid management team. In 1985, he was named president, a position he held until becoming chairman in 2001. Today, Paul continues to influence Barron Industries, its management team and the metal products industry from this position.

Bruce Barron - President & CEO

President and CEO Bruce Barron earned a BS in chemistry from The University of Notre Dame in 1983. He joined the Barron Industries sales team in 1984 and worked in this capacity for seven years before being placed on the management team as general manager in 1991. Bruce assumed his current role as president in 2001 and was named CEO in 2007.  Bruce’s contributions to the metal products industry include his previous position  as chairman of the Investment Casting Division of American Foundry Society and he has authored several technical papers for the industry. Bruce’s industry leadership is also evident in the patent pending for an innovative diesel engine fluid cooling system.